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       Our 2017 Annual Conference was an outstanding success and was awarded ​ 10 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists.

Stay tuned for updates!
 The SRT was founded in 1993 under the auspices of The Royal College of Radiologists.
  The society is a non-profit making organisation, run by radiology trainees specifically to promote radiology training and education
in the UK.  This online forum is open to all those interested in issues relating to radiology training and education
in the UK, including all current specialist registrars, those involved with radiology training
 and clinicians considering radiology as a career.
Each year, the SRT holds annual general meetings  across the country.
Expert speakers are invited and special masterclass sessions are held.
We also use this time to socialise and enjoy the sites and sounds of the surrounding city/town.
The AGM attracts radiology registrars, foundation doctors, medical students and clinicians
from medical and surgical backgrounds keen on securing a training job in radiology
and/or seeing a diversity of interesting cases which is of relevance
to the FRCR, MRCP and MRCS exams!
  1. Submit your course details to media@thesrt.co.uk. Max 30 words.
  2. Be part of the SRT Community. Registration is currently free!
  3. Elect your BEST trainer of the Year 2016-17
  4. Buy your own snazzy lanyard or ski-reel!
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2016 - 2017
24th Annual Conference 2017
Registration is open for the 24th SRT Annual Conference.
Remember to book early for substantially reduced rates.
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  1. Dr Bilal Salman
    Dr Bilal Salman
  2. Dr Reena Agarwal
    Vice President/Treasurer
    Dr Reena Agarwal
  3. Dr Kelsey Watt
    Public Relations & Sponsorship
    Dr Kelsey Watt
  4. Dr Jonathan Bevan
    Media Officer
    Dr Jonathan Bevan
  5. Dr Daniel Weinberg
    Foundation Doctor Representative
    Dr Daniel Weinberg
  6. Dr Michael Bonnici-Mallia
    Media Officer
    Dr Michael Bonnici-Mallia
  7. Dr Olga Shaw
    Northern Ireland Representative
    Dr Olga Shaw
  8. Dr Yousar Jafar
    Wales Representative
    Dr Yousar Jafar
  9. Dr Prageeth Dissanayake
    Events Organiser
    Dr Prageeth Dissanayake
  10. Dr Christine Cannataci
    Dr Christine Cannataci