To advertise your course on the events list/Calendar
Please email
Note: it may take up to 4 working days to upload.
Cancellation policy: 10%  administration fee + 10% to remove advertising 

No refund will be applied if notification occurs >24 hours after advertising.

Course/Event Advertising Packages:

Basic: Event on Calendar: £10 (until event date)

Social media Only: 1x Twitter PLUS  1x Facebook post: £45

Bronze: Detailed event (including flyer) on events list: £95 (until event date)

Silver: Includes Bronze package PLUS 1x Twitter/FB post PLUS 1x Newsletter space: £195

Gold: Website Banner (1 year) + 1x Twitter/FB + 1x newsletter space: £500
(only 1 available per year)

Bespoke: Please contact us for more details