BEST Trainer of the Year

In 2014, the SRT committee introduced new 'BEST Trainer of the year' awards across the United Kingdom. The awards proved extremely popular and were gratefully received.
The awards honour, acknowledge and encourage the teaching and support provided by outstanding trainers, be they radiologists, radiographers or sonographers. We stand upon the shoulders of giants and are only as good as our trainers.
We also recognise the contributions of the many inspirational trainers that do not work in tertiary centres, but contribute immensely to training. We therefore encourage the nomination of excellent trainers, regardless of whether they work in a small institution or major specialist unit.
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Guidelines for nominations for the Best Trainer (radiologist/sonographer/radiographer) of the Year Award:
1) Only Deaneries that have an elected or nominated SRT council members are eligible.
2) Deaneries with no SRT representative can also take part if a lead SpR or JRF representative co-ordinates it. (Please email us if you like to take part).
3) The SRT official (Lead SpR/ JRF rep) in each deanery is responsible for the overall outcome for his/her respective deanery/training scheme.
4) Only one Consultant Radiologist and one Radiographer/Sonographer per deanery/training scheme may be chosen for the award.
5) The representative should send out an email to all trainees in his/her deanery/scheme to vote for one choice in each category i.e (one Consultant and one Radiographer/Sonographer).
6) The responses should include the name of an elected trainer and at least a few sentences why the trainer was chosen. A name alone will not suffice and this vote must be cancelled (please make sure this is clearly stated to trainees).
7) The final outcome and the emails received by each SRT official/representative should then be merged together and sent as a final draft to The SRT President .
8) Certificates will be sent to the representatives to hand out to their respective consultants and radiographer/sonographer.
9) Important dates. The closing date is 1st November of EACH Year (Unless specified otherwise). SRT council members/reps should ensure an outcome is reached before this date.
2014-15 List
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