Recommended Books

Final FRCR 2B

No textbook can replace 2B viva practice with consultants, however there are some textbooks my colleagues and myself found very helpful. The list is not comprehensive and there is absolutely no need to buy all the textbooks below. 2B textbooks are not cheap – I bought them from my senior colleagues at ‘mates rates’. There will also be second hand books online. Ask junior consultant colleagues who may have some of these textbooks gathering dust on an office shelf! Also if you have other colleagues who are sitting the exam at the same time, set up a ‘book swap’ where you lend each other textbooks you have bought. Dr Maria McGill, ST5 - Northern Ireland SRT Representative

Aunt Minnie’s Atlas and Imaging-Specific Diagnosis

Thomas L. Pope

ISBN: 145117215X

This is another great viva book. Again classic 2B cases are presented with key radiological findings, a diagnosis and a short succinct discussion. The pictures are good quality and the discussions provide key background information which examiners may ask you about during your viva.

Chapman & Nakielny’s Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis – 6th Edition

Stephen Davies

ISBN: 0702051764

This is the 2B bible and is by the side of every 2B candidate. Whilst it provides the most comprehensive lists of differential diagnosis, I found it initially a little overwhelming. It lists every possible differential diagnosis – for 2B it is the top 3 differential diagnoses the examiners want to hear! However, this is a great book to use as a reference during viva teaching with consultants.

Elsevier publishes this book and members of The SRT can get 30% off Elsevier e-books!

Mnemonics for Radiologists and FRCR 2B Viva Preparation: A Systematic Approach (MasterPass)

Phillip Yoong, William Bugg, Catherine A. Johnson

ISBN: 1908911956

This is a really great book to kick-start your 2B preparation. Although I am not the biggest fan of mnemonics, the lists of differentials they give are much shorter and are the ‘must say’ differentials which examiners will be waiting to hear. I started with this book and then supplement it with Chapman & Nikielny.

Rapid Review of Radiology

Shahid Hussain, Sherif A Latif, Adrian D Hall

ISBN: 1840761202

A great introduction to classic 2B cases with differential diagnosis and case discussions. Considered by many to be a 2B essential textbook.

Revision Notes for the Final FRCR Part A

Kshitij Mankad, Edward T D Hoey, Sahil Chhabda

ISBN: 1909836532

Although a 2A textbook, I found this really useful for background reading. During my 2B viva, examiners did not ask many questions aside from differential diagnosis, the diagnosis I felt most likely and management plan – so don’t spend too long on background reading. Examiners want to show you as many cases as they can in the time available so they’re trying to get through the cases as quickly as you are! All the practice viva textbooks listed below provide succinct case based discussions, which should cover the background information you may be asked.

Top 3 Differentials in Radiology – A Case Review

William T. O'Brien

ISBN: 1626232784

Classic 2B cases are presented with the top 3 differential diagnoses and then 2-3 relevant differential diagnoses. Short paragraphs discuss the key features, which differentiate between the differentials and key ‘pearls’ are provided at the end.