FRCR 2A Questions Books

The FRCR 2A exam is a tough exam and the earlier you start to prepare for it the better. The exam style has changed this year from the 6-module exam to one big exam encompassing all 6 modules in December of ST3. We find the best way to revise for these exams is to invest in a good Diagnostic Imaging textbook – The SRT recommends Diagnostic Radiology 6th edition by Grainger & Allison 2 volume set, however there are a few textbooks such as Primer, Brant & Helms and Dahnert that you may also find useful. Another important aid to your revision is to read Journal articles, particularly from Clinical Radiology as the questions will be based on some of these articles. Radiographics, Radiology and the British Journal of Radiology also have great review articles on every topic imaginable!

Final FRCR Part A Modules 1-3 Single Best Answer MCQS: The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers (MasterPass)

Robin Proctor

ISBN: 184619363X

Final FRCR Part A Modules 4-6 Single Best Answer MCQS: The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers (MasterPass)

Robin Proctor

ISBN: 1846193648

Get Through Final FRCR Part A

ISBN: 1853158496

Grainger and Allison’s SBA MCQ’s

ISBN: 0702031496

Revision Notes for the Final FRCR Part A – 2nd edition.

Kshitij Mankad, Edward TD Hoey

ISBN: 1909836532

SBA’s for the Final FRCR 2A – The ‘Oxford’ Book

ISBN: ISBN: 0199607761

SBA’s for the FRCR 2A – The ‘Cambridge’ book.

ISBN: ISBN: 0521156440

Single Best Answer – Questions and answers for the Final FRCR Part A modules 1 -6

FRCR 2B Written by Radiology Trainee

FRCR 2B – Written by Dr Maria McGill – ST5 Radiology Trainee, The SRT Northern Ireland Representative No textbook can replace 2B viva practice with consultants, however there are some textbooks my colleagues and myself found very helpful. The list is not comprehensive and there is absolutely no need to buy all the textbooks below. 2B textbooks are not cheap – I bought them from my senior colleagues at ‘mates rates’. There will also be second hand books online. Ask junior consultant colleagues who may have some of these textbooks gathering dust on an office shelf! Also if you have other colleagues who are sitting the exam at the same time, set up a ‘book swap’ where you lend each other textbooks you have bought. FRCR 2B ESSENTIALS:

Aunt Minnie’s Atlas and Imaging-Specific Diagnosis

Thomas L. Pope

ISBN: 145117215X

Chapman & Nakielny’s Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis – 6th Edition

Stephen Davies

ISBN: 0702051764

Mnemonics for Radiologists and FRCR 2B Viva Preparation: A Systematic Approach (MasterPass)

Phillip Yoong, William Bugg, Catherine A. Johnson

ISBN: 1908911956

Rapid Review of Radiology

Shahid Hussain, Sherif A Latif, Adrian D Hall

ISBN: 1840761202

Revision Notes for the Final FRCR Part A

Kshitij Mankad, Edward T D Hoey, Sahil Chhabda

ISBN: 1909836532

Top 3 Differentials in Radiology – A Case Review

William T. O'Brien

ISBN: 1626232784

FRCR Recommended Booklist

The First FRCR examination can initially seem daunting, especially as many of the topics may not be that familiar to you. There are however several resources both in text and online, which are more or less essential that will help you in your preparation for the exam. Many of these books are available at and you can get 30% off the listed price for e-books as an SRT member!

A Radiologist’s Notes on Physics for the FRCR Exam (Online) (Gary Pettet)

BMJ Onexamination


Farr’s Physics for Medical Imaging, 2nd Ed (Elsevier)

Penelope J. Allisy-Roberts, Jerry Williams

First FRCR Anatomy: Mock Papers

Matthew Budak

First FRCR Anatomy: Practice Cases

Constantinos Tingerides

Get Through First FRCR:MCQs for the Physics Module (Grant Mair, Andrew Baird, Andrew Nisbet)

MCQS for the First FRCR (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts) (Varut Vardhanabhuti)

Physics MCQ’s for the Part 1 FRCR (Shahzad Ilyas)

Practical Radiological Anatomy (Sarah McWilliams)

Radiological Anatomy for FRCR Part 1

Philip Borg

Radiology Cafe

Radiology Cafe

Revise Radiology

Weir & Abrahams’ Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy

Jonathan Spratt et al