Less than full time (flexible) training in Radiology

Every specialty trainee has a right to apply for flexible training. There are certain reasons for which the less than full time training (LTFT) can be granted, which are categorised into the following groups:
 If you are of ill health, have disability or are a career of a dependant ,you will be  guaranteed the flexible training.
If you need time for pursuing an unique opportunity for your own personal or professional development, both within and outside radiology, you will be considered for LTFT training and the decision will depend on the local situation within the training scheme
Application process
It is advisable to plan your flexible training in advance, as the whole process may take up to three months.
Flexible training can be arranged at any proportion of the full time post, but local regulations may apply to sustain sufficient overall trainees’ numbers. Within each deanery the local education and training boards (LETBs) will assess eligibility and prioritise applications.
First step will be to discuss your plans with your head of training (TPD). Your eligibility will then have to be assessed by your deanery (see link below) and the funding will have to be agreed with your trust. Your LTFT job will also have to be approved educationally by your TPD.
Help and support
There is a national LTFT representative within JRF and there is a representative within your training scheme, you should consult first. The RCR has a LTFT Training and Working Advisor, who can be consulted via JRF LTFT representative, if necessary. 
Useful websites and detailed reading:
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