ST Applications to Radiology- Good Luck!
Radiology is one of the most competitive specialities for post graduate training. The competition ratio is roughly 3.7:1 hence comprehensive preparation is essential.
In 2014, clinical Radiology was listed as the 9th most competitive speciality after community sexual and reproductive health, cardiothoracic surgery, public health, neurosurgery, broad based training, oral and maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology and microbiology.
Why Choose Radiology?

-GMC surveys have listed Radiology as one of the top specialities in terms of trainee satisfaction.
-Training across the country is of high standards as there is a lot of emphasis on teaching trainees.
-Radiology is also one of the few specialities where there is a regular 1:1 consultant to trainee teaching session.
-There are various subspecialties in radiology to choose from including nuclear, cardiac, thoracic, gastrointestinal, urogynae, Neuro, interventional, musculoskeletal and paediatric radiology.
Because of increasing demand for further imaging investigations; Molecular imaging is now being incorporated into radiology pool as well.
Useful Information and Documents

Interviews are held in Central London (conducted by Shared Services formerly the London deanery) and this incorporates England, Scotland and Wales.  Please refer to the RCR website for more information including applicant guide.
See link below for information on how to apply England, Scotland and Wales:
Northern Ireland has a separate application process.
Nearly all trainees get short listed given they satisfy the entry criteria. Click on link below for person specification:
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The RCR Welcome Day for Radiology Trainees

Words of wisdom from Dr Giles Maskell, RCR President.
Download his lecture  which was presented at the SRT conference in London May 2014.

ST1 Interview Process Click Here