Why Radiology?
By Dr Jonathan Bevan , Foundation doctor representative for The SRT
Radiology is a medical specialty entailing the use of imaging techniques
to help diagnose and treat disease seen in the body. It is one of the
cornerstones of medical practice today and is increasingly relied upon by clinicians to help diagnose, guide treatment and management of a wide variety of conditions affecting the entire body.
Radiologists liaise closely with other medical specialties as part of the
patient’s care pathway, and roles include the interpretation of images, (for exampled plain films, CT, MRI, ultrasound, Nuclear imaging and more), providing advice to colleagues in multi-disciplinary team meetings or over an urgent phone call, or even performing minimally-invasive procedures ranging from
image-guided biopsies or aspirations to life and limb-saving procedures such as thrombolysis or stenting.

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So why should you choose radiology as your career? Well radiologists are experts at the human body! Fundamental to clinical radiology is a sound understanding of the anatomical and physiological processes of the body, as well as an appreciation of technological advances in imaging modalities and the application of reason and logic to help reach a conclusion about the image sat in front of you.  This requires a life-long commitment to learning, and with the rapid advances in technology and imaging there will always be plenty of new developments! Having a keen eye for detail backed up by your core knowledge is essential in solving diagnostic puzzles, and delivering your findings using your communication skills is equally as important to the patient’s care.
Clinical radiology is a competitive field to enter, however once you have a training place and work your way to consultancy you will find that there is no shortage of work, and with the rise in demand for imaging and radiologist input it is a specialty with good employment prospects and the ability to move around the country; radiologists frequently report higher than average job satisfaction!
If you are interested in pursuing a career in radiology or just want to learn a little bit more then undertake a taster week in your local department. You will find that the radiology department is one of the friendliest in the hospital and will be more than happy to show you around the department and offer insight into their work.
Here at the Society for Radiologists in Training, we provide advice and resources to trainees, foundation doctors and medical students about this exciting branch of medicine. Our AGM that we hold every year is the perfect place to meet fellow trainees, students and experts in the field or present your work to an enthusiastic crowd.
If you have any questions about radiology then feel free to send us an email, and/or better yet join up to the SRT and we will do our best to answer any queries you may have!
Dr. Jonathan Bevan – SRT Foundation Trainee Rep.