BEST Radiologist, Radiographer/Sonographer 
Trainer of the Year 2015-16
East Midlands South
Dr Adam Thomas (consultant radiologist)
Mr Michael Warren (radiographer/sonographer)
East of Scotland
Dr Barry Oliver (consultant radiologist)
Mrs Avril Barclay (radiograper)
Mr Jeremy Weldon (radiographer - Northwick Park Hospital Training Scheme)
Dr Dominic Yu (consultant radiologist - Royal Free Hospital Training Scheme)
Dr Steve Ellis (consultant radiologist - St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Training Scheme)
Dr Jeevan Kumaradevan (consultant radiologist - University College Hospital Training Scheme)
Dr Christopher George (consultant radiologist - Epsom Hospital, St George's Training Scheme)

Dr Elizabeth Jokes (consultant radiologist - Royal Liverpool Hospital)
Ms Julie Smith (sonographer - Alder Hey Children’s Hospital)

Northern Ireland
Dr Peter Blair (consultant radiologist)
Mrs Marjorie McClelland (sonographer)

North Wales
Dr Hugh Godfrey (consultant radiologist - Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor)
Sonia Parsonage (sonographer - Wrexham Maelor Hospital)
South Wales
Dr Hannah Khirwadkar (consultant radiologist)
Ms Wendy Williams (radiographer)

South West
Dr Judith Foster (consultant paediatric radiologist)
Mr Peter Cantin (consultant sonographer)
West Midlands
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